Communication artifacts; Advertising medium
Janalene, Incorporated
Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis
paper; cloth; metal
Business/Industry; Women
overall: 11 1/2 in x 9 1/2 in x 2 in

Clothing catalog from Janalene, Incorporated, Indianapolis, Indiana. The catalog has an embossed cover in black and silver-gilt with a silver-gilt cartouche of a woman in an evening dress within a wreath tied with a bow. The words "fashion album" appear flanking the figure. Below is another silver- gilt cartouche, rectangular in shape, with the words "by Janalene Indianapolis." Stars are also embossed on the black textured imitation leather cover. Metal posts hold the pages. On the frontispiece, the title "Fashions of the hour" appears across a green silhouette of a woman in a long evening gown. The first two pages include photos of the company production rooms and offices with info on the company, located at 546 South Meridian Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Additional pages outline the company's direct-sales business model, size charts, and descriptions of its offerings. The catalog includes drawings of garments and actual samples of fabrics for hose, women's and children's clothing, lingerie, women's work uniforms, aprons, men's shirts and ties. There is a pocket in the back cover of the catalog for storing .0002-.0016. Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis. Janalene, Incorporated was located at 546 South Meridian Street in Indianapolis. They were a design/production company that sold their garments through agents directly to the customers. Also included are a catalog with drawings and fabric samples, a pad of service sheets for correspondence, a pad of order blanks with receipts, a group of return blanks, and a dozen addressed envelopes.

This catalog is in very good display condition and is needed for exhibit and use as a graphic source.

Donated by the Batavia Railroad Depot Museum