Distribution & Transportation artifacts; Land transportation-motorized
emblems, truck
Ross-Ad Seal, Inc.
Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis

Three stamped aluminum emblems for International Harvester trucks. a) Polished "INTERNATIONAL" strip with a black background. b) Polished "IH" logo over a gold V. c) Gold anodized "IH" logo on a black background. Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis. Ross Ad-Seal was a long-time Indianapolis manufacturer of emblems for motor vehicles, farm machinery, and appliances located at 738 Lord & Davidson Streets. The company specialized in small forgings, stampings, and aluminum extrusions. The donor, Bruce Bowden, was co-president of the company with Bob Fort in 1968-69. Facing increasing competition from plastic injection molding and low profit margins on high volume contracts with the major automotive manufacturers the company was sold to a competitor, the D. L. Auld Company, Columbus, Ohio.

Tier 1. Original product samples for nationally-known manufacturers' brands made by an Indianapolis company.

Donated by Bruce Bowden and Robert Fort